6 Yoga Exercises You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

When your morning duties get you tired and exhausted , it becomes important to unwind your body and mind for the afternoon ahead. Instead of going out for lunch with coworkers, you turn off your phone, unplug your computer and grab a stress-relieving hour to recharge with yoga.

Yoga is a moving meditation. It not only allows you to exercise every muscle of your body but also gives you a chance to connect with your body, mind, and breath. During lunch, slow -paced yoga is the perfect relief to counter the busy workday. And when taken slowly, it will not get you sweaty, and there will be no need to hit the shower.

6 Yoga Exercises You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

1. Breathing and Centering:3 Minutesdownload-2

You will need to look for a comfortable seated position probably on the floor and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose and rest your hands on our belly then focus your attention on the breath and movement of your body.

While in this posture try to recognize where there might be signs of stress and discomfort.

Inhale deeply to allow air to fill the lower abdomen, the mid belly, and the chest. When exhaling, start with the chest, go to the mid belly and finally the lower abdomen. Upon exhalation, focus on your belly as it moves towards the spine. All this time, ensure that your lips are closed. Repeat the process for about eight times.

2. Warm Up: 3 Minutes


In a seated cross-legged position, hinge from your hips and place your arms in front of you, as if trying to grab something that’s a few feet out of grasp. Make sure that your back is flat and in a W position. Then place both arms at the front on the floor. Allow your torso to come forward then lean downwards and take about five deep breaths.

As you sit, roll your shoulders to the back and forward about four times. Next, switch your crossed legs and place your left hand a little outside the right thigh and the right hand behind your back. Move the right shoulder into a twist. Rotate your head to the right shoulder and breathe slowly. Hold for about five breaths.

3. Cool Down and Relaxation Pose: 4 Minutes

balasana-child-poseGo down to the floor on a mat while lying on your back. Bring your knees towards your chest and rock from side to side and back again. Holding on to both your knees, rotate your knees in a circular motion as your back is pressed to the floor. Repeat the exercise four times and then rotate your knees in the opposite direction.

With your feet are still on the floor and knees bent or your legs elongated, lie gently in a relaxed manner then close your eyes and focus on your breath. Stay positioned this way for about ten minutes.

Once you master the technique, try to incorporate it into your regime-about 3-5 times a week will suffice. You will come to notice that your mood will change during work hours; the aches, stress, and pains will lighten as more yoga is incorporated into your day.

4. Scale Pose


This yoga technique can be performed when sitting at the edge of your office chair. It involves pressing your hands down on any side of your hips and raising your legs and butt up off your seat. It requires engaging your abdominal muscles and keeping the top of the shoulders down in about 3-5 breaths.

5. High Alter Pose


To practice this yoga tactic, lock up your hips and inhale deeply then lift your arms high and hold your hands together while your palms are inverted. Lean on to your left and hold for about 5 to 8 breaths, and then switch postures.

6. Ankle to Knee


This is a deep de-stressing yoga practice that involves placing the left foot on the right knee and letting the left knee drop open gently. It requires keeping your back straight and body edged forward.

Practicing yoga during the lunch time is great. It helps you to slow down, de-stress, increase your productivity and improve your focus. It lets you open up, both mind & body, and allows you to enjoy your job on a fully relaxed body, with the focus on the neck, chest, shoulders, and hips. A little lunch yoga will transform your working experience.

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